Helga Jaques is a native of Austria.  As a young woman, she left her homeland to
    study graphic arts at the Athenaum in Lausanne, Switzerland.  In 1965 she
    relocated to the United States, continuing her studies with such noted watercolorists
    as Barbara Nechis, Caroline Buchanan, and Chuck Webster.

    She is drawn to the world of nature, to its moody interplay of light and texture.
    Her style communicates this constant shifting of form by harnessing the loose
    beauty of expressionism, and riding it with the unflinching hand of the illustrator.

    In her pastoral landscapes, her vibrant, yet muted palette capture the Northwest's
    curious combination of darkness and verdancy.  In her urban settings, the complex
    and abstract intersection of Man and Nature produces an evocative cityscape that
    provides an intriguing, emotional counterpoint to her serene depictions of the
    At the close of each summer she returns to her ancestral home, rekindling her
    connection with her native country.  The memories of these travels are reflected in
    her many paintings of ancient houses, castles and villages, all rendered with a clear-
    eyed nostalgia that speaks to the bones.

    Helga's work appears in several Pacific Northwest fine art galleries. Her paintings
    have received numerous jury  and public awards.  She offers workshops for various
    art groups, and curated the Exhibition “Celebrating European Art”, which brought
    together  expatriate artists  living in the Northwest.

    Being a multitalented artist,  Helga is expressing herself through photography as
    well.  Nature is her favorite subject, especially the representation of her back yard
    pond and waterfall.

    She won the city of Renton “Riverdays” poster contest in 2001 and 2004.  Her
    painting of a mountain scene is featured on the cover of the popular cookbook
    “Treasured Recipes of the Austria Club”. Helga Jaques is a member of the East
    Side Association of Fine Arts (EAFA) and a signature member of the Northwest
    Watercolor Society.